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Jaclyn Goudling
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My 7 year old daughter started at Prestige 6 weeks ago. After experiencing her first two years of elementary school living through covid, and all the political and race issues in the world, she had started to show signs of anxiety and depression. She was scared, angry, upset and insecure often. After a few attempts to help her, I found Prestige Martial Arts. We did the 2 week trial with nothing to lose. However, we didn’t realize how much we would gain! In just those first 2 weeks, we saw a huge improvement in her attitude, her confidence, her courage and her respect for herself and others. We decided to commit and sign her up. After the 3rd week, my daughter was asked to write a few sentences on who her hero was and why. She chose Shihan all by herself and her reason was “for making her strong.” As her mom, I will add that he not only made her “strong” but he brought peace and joy to her life, to our family’s life. Our sweet girl who was trapped with her fears and feelings all bundled up with no release was back! The best part was that she recognized it herself and was SO grateful and relieved. She felt heard and understood and was now moving in the right direction. Prestige is SO much more than karate kicks and punches. Shihan teaches these kids real life skills and helps them implement them at home, school and in the community.

He is like a therapist, life coach and co-parent all in one! 😃 My daughter responds well to his tough love and structure. We are so thankful for Prestige.

Tara Almufti
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Prestige is a great place to be! My twins tried 2 Martial arts that were close to our house but we weren’t satisfied. When we stumbled upon Prestige, it was a HUGE difference than other Martial arts that we’ve’s not just about Martial arts, it’s about learning life Skills like discipline ,self esteem and many more.
With Shihan, my twins now are more confident and spread kindness in their school. I highly recommend Prestige!

Heidi Marini
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Great program! It is a perfect balance between physical growth and mental growth. There are not many programs out there for your children that address the many different aspects of your child’s development. Some areas are: Endurance, Confidence, Discipline, and Responsibility to just name a few. We highly recommend this program.

Brad Monhaut
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My son started in Little Dragons at six years old, and has been in the kids karate program for almost one year. The improvement I’ve seen in him is tremendous - he has more confidence in taking on tough tasks and he’s able to more effectively work through failure and learn from his mistakes. He has become more positive through the life skills taught by Denny Strecker and has found opportunities to employ new skills at school as well as at home. He is also involved in the Leadership program, learning essential skills and techniques to be a leader at such a young age. His confidence with public speaking as well as his overall demeanor when talking to people - stand tall, eye contact, clear voice are improving with every session. Denny is wonderful with the kids, enforcing standards and expectations in a positive and productive manner to enable each student to grow to be successful in their future. His dedication shows in every class, email, and in all communication to the parents and kids. I highly recommend Prestige Martial Arts for any kid and their parents.

Rebecca Konkolesky
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This is our first time doing Karate with our 9 year old son, and he was admittedly a bit shaky at first. He wasn't used to regular exercise, and had difficulty finishing the class without sitting down a few times for a "break". After a few weeks, under the patient and encouraging teachings of Shihan Denny Strecker, he's showing much more vigor and confidence, getting through classes so much better and really embracing the course. I highly recommend the Leadership class offered as well, as our son is showing much more initiative talking to friends and outreaching to new people, as well as setting up his own personal goals for success!

Stephanie Wright
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Love this program! This is NOT your typical karate program, but so much more! The kids learn life skills such as self esteem, respect, and discipline (for example, a challenge this month is for ninjas to make their bed every day). My daughter started this program shortly after turning three years old, and I have seen tremendous increases in her self-confidence, attention span, respect for teachers at school, manners, and overall behavior (in addition to physical development). Not a day goes by that her teachers don’t compliment her on her behavior, and I believe a large part of that is owed to this program. The instructor is incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to student success. It’s not very often that you get to see someone who has truly found his “calling” in life, but I believe Shihan is one of those people.

Rachel Scotton
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We have been members at Prestige for about a month and couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll our child here. The owner of Prestige Troy has a wealth of knowledge to share and has created a very welcoming community. It is clear from the moment you walk in that he is truly dedicated to his craft and to helping kids reach their highest potential. Our child has already shown improvement in coordination, confidence and seems to have gained a stronger sense of personal responsibility through the program. This has also been a great source of one on one time with Dad. The virtual class option allows us to fit karate into our schedule twice a week, and he does offer a free two week trial. So If you’re on the fence about trying out the martial arts, definitely start here!

Daryllyn Oswald
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Our boys have been doing karate at Prestige since the end of 2021. Their self confidence has sky rocketed and they are over all happier kids. The structure and discipline is exactly what they needed. They look forward to karate nights and so do us parents! It has been a great family bonding experience both inside the class and out. We highly recommend Prestige to everyone!