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Summer Learning

Kids Martial Arts  in Troy  - Denny Strecker's Karate

Did you know that keeping kids active in programs like Martial Arts classes and camps can actually improve their ability to do well when returning to school?

Unfortunately, sometimes these the camps and classes are an afterthought.

Studies in Baltimore and Atlanta show that when skills are not used or reinforced they initially begin to decay at a rapid rate, but eventually slow. Specifically, the tasks that are procedural, take multiple steps, have no performance cues will tend to decay the quickest. This means when kids stop using critical thinking skills that they will start to deteriorate.

One of the great benefits of our SKILLZ program is that via our class planners and curriculums we are constantly engaging their decision making and critical thinking skills. Not only do we put them to work physically, but we also work them intellectually each and every class. This means that the intellectual skills that they develop in school will actually be reinforced every time they come to class!

We push them to practice the skill for the day in ways that stretch and exercise the brain via our age specific drills. Each drill we run in class is specially designed to challenge their stage of development. Each drill will also focus on implementing the skill in a way that is different or opposite from the drill prior. This makes them practice having more mental flexibility when it comes to applying existing knowledge, as well as, forces them to problem solve on the fly.

We then challenge them to use the skill in a practical manner during our skill stripe testing. This portion of the class challenges their ability to learn at a heightened pace. Another benefit is that because they are in a heightened state of learning, their retention of the material is increased as well. Practicing this during the summer is a great way to prepare them for the coming school year. They will need to be able to pick up new skills and ideas and the more practiced they are at doing so, the better they can perform academically.

We hope this has been as enlightening for you as it has been for us!

By keeping the brain active throughout the summer this will help to strengthen their retention of academic knowledge. Because of this we are able to reinforce learning skills, encourage time commitment, and follow through. We are capable of doing all of this in a fun environment all summer long so that we can help each ninja be outstanding when they return to school.

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